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  • ITTF Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant King Premium Table

    ITTF Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant King Premium Table

    This premium table tennis table suitable for championships. Approved by ITTF and NSCC. Silver Undercarriage + Blue Light

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  • ITTF Approved Ping Pong Table

    Double Fish Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant Dream 2

    Double Fish Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant Dream 2 Official Table for 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Final Size of the table top: 2740*1525 mm with frame of 50*20 mm Height of table: 760 mm (adjustable) Bounce: 220-250 mm Bounce Uniformity: ≤ 5 mm Top glossiness: ≤ 6 Degree of deformation for half of the top: ≤ 3 mm Friction factor of the table top: ≤ 0.4 Stability of the table: ≤ 3 mm Top color: Blue Undercarriage: Made of A3 steel plate Packaging size of the table top: 1600*1455*250 mm Gross weight: 62 Kg Packaging size of the undercarriage: 1650*400*400 mm Gross weight: 75 Kg Professional Official ping pong table for International sport competitions from Double Fish Sport Brand! Table Tennis Series product include Ping Pong Table/ball/blade and so on.

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  • Official ping pong table for competition

    Official Table Tennis Table for Competitons XIANGYUN 328A

    Premium Double Foldable Portable Table Tennis Table, Compact design The new folding system minimizes the risk of injuries during table storage and moving. ITTF approved table tennis table.

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  • Official Durable Ping Pong Table for World Tour

    Official Durable Table Tennis Table for World Tour 99-45B

    ITTF approved official durable table tennis table for international tournament. Thickness of table board: 25mm TOURNAMENT QUALITY – This professional-grade table is designed for the highest level of competition. PERFECT FOR FAMILIES – Offers premium play for all ages. Go head-to-head or fold up for individual practice. 2-inch heavy gauge steel supports hold up to the toughest challenges. A great centerpiece for your game room, den, or gym. EASY ASSEMBLY –Start playing in minutes with simple Assembly. High-quality net is equipped with locking clamps that are easily attached.

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  • Best Quality Ping Pong Ball

    Best Quality Double Fish V40+ Volant 3 Stars Table Tennis Ball

    Double Fish V40+ Volant 3 Stars Table Tennis Balls Conform to ITTF lastest T3 Technical Standards. Approved by ITTF and official balls for Table Tennis Team World Cup 2018 in London. Higher bounce ,Tougher,Safer and more Durable than traditional celluloid ABS seamed ball.

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  • hinoki 1 table tennis blade wholesale

    Double Fish hinoki 1 table tennis blade


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Ding! You have some tips for table maintenance that you need to check~

October 26,2023.

After buying a table tennis table, some friends may wonder: How should the table be maintained so that it can be used better? Today Xiaoyu brings you some tips on table maintenance, come and learn together!

#What types of tables are there?

Generally speaking, billiard tables can be divided into indoor billiard tables and outdoor billiard tables. Due to the different places of use, the two types of tables are slightly different.

Weight: Outdoor table tennis tables are generally heavy, and they are fixed and cannot be moved easily. Indoor table tennis tables are relatively lightweight and can be moved or folded. For example, the rolling single-folding table and the overall folding table can be folded to save space and are easy to move and adjust at any time.

Strength: Outdoors are often exposed to wind and rain, so table tennis tables are required to be heat-resistant, cold-resistant and have strong corrosion resistance. Indoor table tennis tables are generally durable. Due to the different manufacturing processes of indoor and outdoor tables, the maintenance methods of the two tables are also different.

#Indoor table "defense battle"

For indoor table tennis tables, the most important thing in the "defense battle" is to protect the paint film on the table surface.

Place items reasonably: The paint surface of the table tennis table uses a special process. Things with higher temperatures can easily damage the paint film on the surface of the table, so hot water cups, hot bowls and other items should not be placed on the indoor table. Sharp objects can easily scratch the paint surface, and heavy objects may cause uneven stress on the countertop, affect the flatness, or even damage the bracket, so they should not be placed on the countertop.

Reasonable storage of the table: Due to space constraints, the indoor table needs to be folded when not in use. At this time, remember to place a soft cloth or foam paper or other flexible object in the middle to protect the paint film coating on the table.

Clean the table properly: If the table has been left for a long time and has accumulated dust, you can use a feather duster to dust it off; any stains that have adhered to the table after use can be removed by gently wiping it with a wrung-out wet rag. After wiping with a wet rag, do not leave it on the paint surface of the table for a long time to avoid damage to the paint surface.

#Outdoor table "strategy method"

Due to the special production process, the outdoor table can be waterproof and sunproof. Although it is "iron-skeletal" and not afraid of high temperatures and humidity, it still needs protection.

Check the tripod and pulleys: It is difficult to move and carry the outdoor table. The tripod is generally equipped with pulleys. Therefore, be sure to check whether the brakes of the table foot pulleys are loosened when moving and stowing. Otherwise, the pulleys may be damaged by pulling hard. Try not to drag the table on uneven ground to avoid damaging the table.

Check the connections: A professional table comes with many parts and connections. The outdoor environment is complex and components are easily damaged. Therefore, regular inspection of the connection parts and timely maintenance can extend the service life of the table.

Correct placement and cleaning: Sun, rain, strong wind and accidental bumps are common problems faced by outdoor tables. Incorrectly using dry cloth and paper to wipe the table vigorously may also cause wear and tear on the table. The table should be placed in a dry place away from direct sunlight and cleaned with a damp cloth to avoid moisture or wear on the table.

Instructions for use: Have you all learned these tips on table maintenance summarized by Xiaoyu? Hope it can help everyone! It is said that "the table is like a battlefield". Maintaining the table carefully can also help you like a god when playing!

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